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Conversational Consumer Journeys – Personalizing the Digital Experience

Almost everything we do today involves digital activities. When it comes to making purchases, our habits have been transformed by the emergence of technology. Let’s face it, we are heavily reliant on technology and devices today. We throw our desires into search engines and start looking for accessible solutions. But what if technology could also give us the human-interaction feel? What if experiences that would have been mechanical otherwise, could be humanized?

That’s exactly what brands today are paying more and more attention to.

How Automated Chats Transform The Digital Experience

Making an experience engaging, is something that is increasingly becoming popular. As competition grows, brands are consciously identifying ways to embrace consumers in ways that will leave a positive impression. Enabling greater interaction is one of the main ways of achieving this. Digital Chat capabilities make this possible. Across platforms these days, chat messaging is largely visible and it humanizes the experiences that consumers find, in the digital ecosystem.

On formal listings of local businesses as well, embedding the chat capability strengthens a brand’s digital strategies and offers assurance to consumers. For every location-level business profile on search engines, the chat capability contributes to the unique identity that a business outlet wishes to establish. The modern-day consumer journey starts with a digital search which leads to business listings. The availability of the chat option there assures consumers, and they know that their queries will be addressed and they will be offered assistance as appropriate.

Through such chats and interactions with consumers, brands are able to understand their perceptions and what they are looking for. And such helping hands, thanks to technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), can be offered round-the-clock, making feel consumers that the brand is always ‘there’ for them and their well-being. Through humanized tech channels such as Chat, a lot of initial-level queries can be answered. It allows for greater optimization for brands, without negatively impacting customer experience.

Engagement - The Key to A Delightful Experience

Engagement on digital platforms today is on a constant rise today. With such exponentially high online activity taking place, consumers may end up getting diverted and brands may lose the attention they may have gained. Hence, keeping consumers engaged through chats and enabling them to form a long-lasting association with the local business outlets and the brand overall, increases a brand’s chances of staying ahead of competition. And it is such advanced technological capabilities that enable brands to keep track of consumers’ potential interests, manage leads efficiently, and plan personalized local offers and promotions.

As time progresses, a growing focus will be on refining the consumer’s experience. In this regard, conversational approaches through chat capabilities are quite a feather in the cap, for retail businesses and brands. It makes consumers feel that they care for them and value their interests, to serve them better. And it helps every business location form a unique digital identity, strengthens associations, and move in the direction of greater business growth.

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