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How Local Businesses Build Trust Using Google Business Profiles

The relationship between a business and its consumers is an important cornerstone of a business’s success. And trust plays a pivotal role, in strengthening this relationship. So the more positive the experience that a business can deliver, the stronger the trust quotient. As it stands, according to a report, 96% of customers say that excellent customer service builds trust (source: Salesforce). And with the road to products and services being mostly digital today, the journey to reach those products and services too has become a key element of getting trust established.

This trust is not built overnight; it depends on product quality, top-notch services, online presence, and transparency. Google Business Profile or GoogleMy Business helps local businesses achieve that easily, aiding in hyperlocal marketing. A complete and accurate profile on this platform is a testament to a business’s credibility. With 46% of all Google searches having local intent (Source: Hubspot), a well-maintained business profile on Google can be the sole difference between the consumer choosing your brand instead of the competition. 

Let’s take a closer look at the way local businesses can become highly credible through the usage of digital capabilities such as Google Business Profile Manager

Understanding the Value consumers Place on Trust

When a business owner makes an effort to be present where consumers are, that automatically takes him in the direction building trust. And with a verified presence on Google, today’s critical digital last mile where most consumers can be found, local businesses form the foundation of trust and effective communication with consumers. Such an online presence, that offers transparency and openness, can contribute to consumers finding assurance in associating with local businesses, with the potential outcome of footfalls and growth at business locations. This is all powered by the kind of confidence that local businesses can instill in consumers, with the usage of digital technologies such as Google Business Manager (GBM), also known as Google Business Profile (GBP)

Let’s understand the factors that contribute to trust-building

Brand Image Consistency

A consistent brand image across platforms, from Google My Business listings to various other directories, ensures instant recognition and trust. This can be done by using a uniform business name everywhere, eliminating potential consumer confusion. While for local dealerships or outlets certain key specifications are important, an overall consistent brand positioning contributes to stronger associations with consumers.

Moreover, a robust social media presence, linked seamlessly with Google My Business listings, offers consumers additional touchpoints with the brand, enhancing engagement. 

Clear Communication

Transparency and clear communication can make or break trust in a business. Such communications regarding different policies like returns, shipping, and privacy sets clear expectations and builds further confidence in a business listing. It’s important to be candid about business operations, and the various aspects of the products or services that the business offers, particularly the touchpoints that involve consumers. For consumers, ultimately it is the business location where they are finding the experience of making the purchase. Hence communications, at all the touchpoints that take consumers to the the business location, need to be honest, ensuring complete transparency and the aspect of value that the business wants to deliver.

Online Reputation

Online reputation is integral to any business. While positive consumer reviews can significantly boost a brand’s image, negative feedback can tarnish it just as quickly. When it comes to local markets, one’s online reputation becomes particularly important, keeping in mind how consumers try “Near Me” searches, to conveniently find answers for many of their needs. Hence, brands and local businesses must emphasize gathering positive reviews, responding to reviews, and showcasing badges, certifications, or third-party endorsements, which act as trust signals for potential consumers and help with hyperlocal marketing.

Website design

The design of a website speaks volumes. And with local businesses coming up with their location-specific pages today, the presentability of such pages is of paramount importance.

A professional, user-friendly, responsive design retains visitors and instills confidence. User-friendly navigation ensures visitors find what they’re looking for, enhancing user experience and helping the business appear in local business directories. While sleek design is crucial, it is important to ensure that the design is complete and related to the overall brand image and products. 

Leveraging Google Business Profile for Trust

When creating a brand online, paying attention to consumer trust must be given priority. One of the most important tools that can assist businesses in this direction, is Google Business Profile or Google My Business

  • The initial step is to claim and verify the business on Google. This ensures that a business’s local online presence is authentic, and the owner has full control over the information presented to potential consumers and the overall digital audience. 
  • The next step is GMB optimization. Sufficient, accurate information and high-quality photos can make a world of difference, offering a visual insight into the business and making it more relatable to consumers. Leveraging these parameters, to keep the business listings and local website fresh and relevant makes a massive difference. 
  • Keeping consumer engagement in mind, when capabilities such as Reviews and AI-powered chat are integrated with business listings (GMB) and local web pages, it makes consumers feel welcomed. It makes them feel that brands and businesses value them and want to know their perspective so that they can be served better. Naturally, this solidifies the relationship, building trust, and expanding business opportunities.

Wrapping Up

As the famous saying goes, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.” It is the foundation of any relationship, even if it is between a business and its consumers. In the mdoren-day ecosystem, businesses must leverage tools like Google Business Profile to solidify their local digital presence, showcase authenticity, and establish reliability. With partners such as SingleInterface, brands and local businesses can now build trust and crack growth opportunities like never before.

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