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How SaaS is powering business evolution with refined user experience.

With rapidly changing business requirements, the agility brought by SaaS models not only polishes business processes and impacts but also contributes significantly to positive customer experiences.

Q. What are the recent advancements in SingleInterface’s website and how does it affect the users?

SingleInterface has a clear objective of helping global and local brands to strengthen their location-level presence and improve business outcomes at their storefronts. Having observed the modern-day consumer-journey that comprises both online and offline touchpoints, we assist brands and their storefronts to – become digitally discoverable, offer deep engagement to consumers with AI-based chats, and achieve growth through eCommerce-enabled capabilities. We build technologies and partner with brands to make this journey holistic and satisfying, for their customers.

Q. For marketers who use SaaS platforms for their businesses, what practices should they be following to ensure better/quicker results?

Choosing a good software that is easy to integrate, use, and manage is the key to success. A well-designed software should help brands understand their customer’s behavior and preferred mode of interaction, show the users where they are, how they compare with the industry/nearest competitors and suggest them to take street-smart actions that are measurable and aligned to business outcomes. Hence, wisely choosing a software is critical.

In addition, such softwares should consider the constraints of all its various stakeholders and empower them. For example, for us it could be the management team, the thousands of franchises, their CREs, the agents who handle incoming chats and order requests, etc. We have cutting-edge tools to empower all the different stakeholders in a complex, interdependent system. For instance, the dashboard we offer is easily configurable and customizable. Using the Drag & Drop interface users can modify the dashboard according to their reporting needs and share further within their organization.

Q. How are you seeing the demand and need for software change in today’s B2B marketplace and SaaS providers?

Updated: The SaaS market has grown significantly over the years. As it stands, it is estimated to be at $208 Billion U.S. dollars by 2023. Clearly, there has been massive acceleration and various business challenges have catalyzed the implementation of solutions through the SaaS model. In India as well, a market where SaaS holds the potential to be valued at $50 billion by 2030, SaaS companies have achieved sizable ARRs (Annual Recurring Revenues) and have been serving clients commendably. Organizations have been increasingly recognizing the power of SaaS. They don’t have to host anything owing to the almost instant set-up approach, very minimal training requirements because of excellent UX, not being stuck with a piece of code for years, and constantly improving feature sets without any extra cost. This model is a win-win for everyone involved. (Data source: Statista, Financial Express)

Q. Why is there a need for constant upskilling for providing a better interface for the users?

Updated: Traditionally, business solutions (in India) were built to address functional needs. This approach, over a period of time has evolved to a point where offering a refined User Experience has gained equal importance. Through SaaS, we have reached a point where it’s more of the simplified, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach instead of assisted product-based services. Now, we are as quality-conscious as anyone, because of exposure to multiple SaaS products. We need to be product-driven or even better customer-driven. There should be an empty seat left to represent the customer at all product meetings and their say should be the loudest. Techniques like design-thinking or human-centered design where you start with empathizing with the real user and then talking to them constantly through the design process have been gaining traction. This is how we design at SingleInterface. We design to efficiently solve a functional need, without any compromise on User Experience and ease of use. Quite organically, our solution becomes user-friendly.

Q. What has been his key takeaway from a 2 decade long career and what does he advise to the upcoming talent?

Become really obsessed with the question “What is good design”? Your intent is to simply create a product that is super useful. So follow that question. Don’t identify with any labels, like “I am a programmer” or worse “I am a C++/Python/PHP programmer” or “I am a UI designer”. All these only limit us and I feel and have no bearing in the real world i.e, the end user’s world.

I personally barely identify with the term programmer, designer or manager, or any such label. I just like to follow the question – “What is good design?”

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