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Image Alt Tags and Hyperlocal Marketing: Making Local Businesses Visible in the Neighbourhood

The landscape of online marketing is volatile. Local businesses are increasingly turning to hyperlocal marketing strategies to capture the attention of their immediate community in this landscape.

One often overlooked but powerful tool in this endeavor is the use of image alt texts. 

Alt texts, also known as alt descriptions or alt tags, are HTML attributes used with image tags on a website. They play a vital role in providing a textual description of the image, conveying context and significance. This text becomes visible when the image fails to load, making it an essential component of the hyperlocal marketing approach.

Let us explore hyperlocal marketing and how an image alt text can help you increase the effects of hyperlocal marketing strategies. In addition to this, you will also get to learn a few tips and tricks for how to leverage image alt text for enhanced visibility. 

What is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing can be described as a targeted strategy that focuses on reaching a highly specific, geographically confined audience, often within a certain community or radius. Brands and local businesses can leverage such specific local marketing capabilities and digitally empower their outlets, making it easier for consumers to find them, leading to local growth opportunities. Commonly used Hyperlocal capabilities include digital business listings and local web-pages.

For businesses, the ultimate goal of local search ranking strategies is to engage with potential consumers in a defined local area, transform consumer experience, and form strong associations. It acknowledges the unique characteristics and preferences of that particular neighborhood. 

By demonstrating a commitment to the local community, businesses can build trust and loyalty among residents. In addition to this, with the right hyperlocal marketing strategies, you can also increase the chances of consumer engagement. 

How Alt Text Affects Hyperlocal Targeting

There are three main reasons image alt texts are such a crucial part of every local ranking approach. 


Greater Accessibility

Everyone is now on the internet. Hence, sometimes, it leads to issues related to the accessibility of your services and products. 

Alt texts serve as a textual description of images, making content accessible to all individuals. This encompasses individuals with visual impairments who depend on screen readers as well.  

For example, let’s say your web page consists of an image of an upward arrow that links to the table of contents. By adding an alt text, say, around the lines of ‘Go to table of contents’, you can assist a screen reader user in comprehending the image’s purpose without visual observation. 

This will allow you to create a more inclusive environment, catering to a diverse audience within your local community.

Enhanced User Experience

Another important thing that alt text does for you is enhance the user experience by guaranteeing easy accessibility. 

For example, let’s say your consumer has a low bandwidth connection. Due to this, the images are not loading as expected. In such cases, an alt text might just come in handy by providing the necessary information about what the image actually conveys. This ultimately results in a seamless browsing experience for all your target consumers.

Improved Outcomes For Local Searches

Search engines consider alt text as a crucial factor while determining the relevance of images to the surrounding content. By incorporating hyperlocal keywords into your alt text, you can increase the overall visibility of your business in local search results. This is particularly important for ‘near me searches,’ where local search optimization becomes paramount.

Image Alt Text: Best Practices

Below are a few valuable tips and tricks on how to craft effective image alt texts, thereby contributing to a more inclusive hyperlocal strategy.


  • Be descriptive and concise – Craft an alt text that briefly describes the image while providing enough detail for someone who cannot see it. 
  • Prioritize local context – Ensure that the alt text aligns with the local context of your online business.
  • Keep alt text within 125 characters – Your alt text should not exceed 125 characters, as most screen readers stop reading alt text at this point.
  • Review for spelling errors- Similar to any other content of your business page, you must also not forget to review your al text for any spelling errors.


By harnessing the true potential of image alt texts, businesses can thrive in a hyperlocal context. By combining well-crafted alt tags with a hyperlocal marketing technique, you not only enhance your local digital presence but also connect more deeply with the community you serve. When done correctly, this synergy between image alt text and hyperlocal marketing can be a game changer for your business. 

At SingleInterface, we help build a strong digital presence for every brand. From improved consumer engagement to increased revenue opportunities, we guide you through every step of your local digital journey. To know more about the same, do not forget to check out our official website!

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