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SingleInterface: Helps to build your digital presence

SingleInterface provides SaaS-based solutions for multi-location enterprises

Enabling franchisees of large brands who maintain brick and mortar stores to be discovered online, manage inventory and sales is SingleInterface. The startup helps these stores overcome the most common daily challenge of getting discovered online by shoppers and casual users who look for a store of their favourite brand or product, close to them, on channels like search engines, maps, ad platforms, social media platforms and eventually converting them into customers.

“We essentially help brands take their offline stores online. This is not just digital marketing. We help them run ads, manage catalogue and inventory, manage pricing, chat with customers from these channels, manage reviews and finally retarget the customer based on their interaction with the store,” says Tarun Sobhani, founder & CEO, SingleInterface. “We digitise more such processes depending on the level of customisation that the brand wants and the nature of industry they operate in.”

BFSI, auto, consumer electronics products, food and beverages, retail are some of the large industries that SingleInterface is catering to. The startup has seen good growth post Covid-19. “Covid-19 disrupted customer acquisition. It is one of the biggest promises we make and that is what the brands were missing during the pandemic,” says Sobhani.

“In addition to this, each store is different, even if they are in the same locality. We give intelligence about each store that accelerated growth for the brands,” he adds.

With over 200,000 franchisee business locations on the platform, SingleInterface charges the brands on a location basis to digitise the store and takes a percentage for every transaction that happens over the platform. The bootstrapped startup is profitable and aims to cross $10 million by December 2022. “Tech and capital are very high focus for us. About 50% of our team is tech and we are absolutely conscious about dilution of the company,” says Sobhani.

The startup boasts of strong AI capabilities. “For instance, if a car brand wants to run an ad in the vicinity of one of its showroom in a city of its choice and it’s raining that day, our platform will automatically project their car’s rain related feature like rain sensing wipers in the ads and the landing page for users who click through will also reflect the same automatically,” says Sobhani.

With a very large market in its scope, the startup wants to focus on emerging markets like South East Asia and Latin America which have similar behaviour to that of India. In addition, the startup also wants to target both mass market and luxury segments across these regions.

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