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The Undeniable Value That Google Posts Bring

We all are extensively leveraging the digital world. Come to think of it, it has allowed us to connect and communicate so much more seamlessly. The same is happening with brands. The avenues through which brands and local businesses can engage and communicate with their target audience today, are seriously impressive!

One such avenue is Google Posts. Let’s take a closer look.

What Google Posts Really Are

Google Posts are a tool that allows businesses to directly communicate with their customers through messages that appear on Google Search’s local panel and Google Maps. By using Google Business profiles, businesses can share content that appears on the search engine results pages.

A Google Post is similar to a post on a social media platform, comprising short and catchy text, visuals, and a hyperlink to a specific part of a website within a business’s knowledge panel. These posts are displayed differently on mobile devices and desktops.

Consequently, businesses can exercise more authority over the content exhibited in their brand’s Knowledge Panels by producing multiple types of posts. Through Google Posts, marketers can showcase a wide variety of information, including::

– Product promotions and updates
– Events & Activities – Physical & Digital
– Newsletters and industry nuggets
– General announcements & updates
– Local campaigns, discount codes, offers

It is to be kept in mind that these posts are of concise formats and were initially intended to be momentary, having a shelf-life of only seven days, with the exception of event-related posts which would be live till the date of the event. Expired posts could still be accessed by navigating to the ‘Updates’ tab. In July 2022 however, an announcement was made and it said that all posts would henceforth be prominently displayed for six months before being moved to the knowledge panel.

To help you find a little more context, let’s take a look at how this concept originated and the purpose behind it all.

The Inception of Google Posts

Google Posts were launched in January 2016, but they were initially accessible to only US presidential candidates. By March of that year, a small number of local businesses gained access to the feature. Google Posts later became available to other public figures and establishments, such as museums, sports teams, musicians, and movies. The primary objective of a channel such as Google Posts always has been to reach out to a wide audience, strengthen associations, and generate greater engagement.

The Benefits Google Posts Offer

Google Posts offer a convenient way to present special deals, current updates, promotional messages, and seasonal information to potential customers beyond the usual profile, images, and reviews. As a result, it serves as a highly effective promotional tool.

By utilizing Google Posts, brands and local businesses are able to favourably contribute to strengthening customer intent, further leading to customer actions on websites and local eCommerce pages. This is achieved through a one-click path to a specific page on the site, which can assist in directing traffic towards a particular content piece.

With Google Posts, businesses can effortlessly stand out and engage with customers in a more personalized manner. Furthermore, given that Google Posts are almost instantly visible in search results, they offer an almost real-time feed for brands.

Google Posts - A Thing Of Value

Google Posts are a highly useful component for a brand’s digital strategy and can productively contribute to website traffic. With billions of people using Google daily to connect with local businesses, it’s important for marketers to optimize their Knowledge Panel. Knowing how to use Google Posts is essential, as it allows brands to reach their audience with more relevant content even, enabling stronger associations, and potential revenue opportunities.

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