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Test Drives That Are Born From Digital Searching

It is always exciting to be involved in activities related to car purchases. In all fairness, most of us love to drive and understand various elements associated with existing or new cars we intend to buy.

And with our lives becoming increasingly fast-paced and leaving us hard-pressed for time, having one’s own vehicle and the resulting ease of travel definitely gives us a breather, keeping in mind our high-voltage lifestyles. So, how is modern-day automobile purchase playing out? How are consumers like us accessing solutions, to meet this critical need in their lives?

Well, just like everything else, it’s all Digital now!

Let’s dive in.

Digital Influence That Initiates The Car-Buying Journey

Gone are the days when consumers solely relied on visiting physical showrooms to make a car purchase. According to a report by Google, a staggering 95% of consumers now research online before buying a car. This shift in consumer behavior has prompted car dealerships and brands to establish a robust digital presence, in the form of capabilities such as digital profiles for showrooms and outlets. Such digital profiles offer basic information like name, address, and contact, as well as inventory details and interaction opportunities through automated chats and review avenues. This highlights the importance of digital engagement and the convenience offered right at the beginning of the purchase journey and striking the right chord with today’s consumer.

As consumers today have reduced attention spans and need information quickly, improved digital classifications offering tailored information to swiftly meet consumer needs, is a great way for brands and their dealerships to serve them better. For instance, let’s look at the rising demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs). With advanced capabilities available today, auto dealerships can now offer a specific categorization in their digital business profiles, highlighting the showrooms which are specifically selling EVs. This way, auto brands can offer relevance and enable consumers to quickly find what they are looking for.

Thus, with a strong digital presence and availability, auto dealerships and franchisees can always stay close to consumers, and maintain a competitive edge.

The Road Ahead - ‘Digital’-Powered Consumer Experience

Today, the automobile industry goes beyond fulfilling a basic need by focusing on the entire customer experience. And with the advent of digital technologies, it has become easier for auto brands and their dealerships to communicate with consumers and deliver the best of services. By optimizing digital touchpoints, automakers can elevate their relationships with consumers, and create a seamless blend of digital and physical interactions that ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, encouraging repeat business and growth.

As the automobile industry continues to evolve, brands must embrace changing trends and leverage technological developments to provide a seamless customer experience. With digital technologies at the forefront, automakers can completely transform the entire car-buying journey, from online research to in-person test drives, and take the consumer’s experience and consequent business opportunities to a whole new level. 

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