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Profile Strength Score By Google – The Story It Tells Local Businesses

Google has introduced a key change to the Business Profile’s Search UI in recent times. According to this development, users managing a digital business profile can access a profile strength score. This score is prominently displayed in the top right corner, just above the action buttons used for managing the Google listing data, and will be visible only to the profile manager and not to the world at large. It serves as a constant reminder of the strength of a business location’s digital profile, and an indication of the kind of impact a business location is making on consumers.

Over the years, Google has made several attempts to encourage users to power their profiles with relevant content. A step like this is to grab the attention of business owners and help them assess the importance of effectively managing their online profiles with tangible metrics (like such profile scores), for better ‘search’ rankings on Google and beneficial local business opportunities.

As the awareness of this metric deepens, business owners would want to have a high and appreciable score, enabling them to become more easily accessible to consumers. Like various measurement parameters on several other platforms, the profile score is represented through a colour-coding approach as well. And, it is in the best interest of business owners that they strive to achieve ‘Green’. This shows a robust profile. And it requires completing every step while building the Google listing for a business. Of course, optional elements such as enabling messaging or leveraging free ad spend are included, and Google allows the business to decide if they wish to choose these. It is clear however, that Google is encouraging businesses to use all available features, enhance their profiles, and strengthen their digital ecosystem.

While businesses must aim to be in the ‘Green’ zone, what if they are not there yet? Well, as a piece of assurance to business owners, being in the ‘Orange’ zone (1 level before ‘Green’) is not alarmingly concerning. It is not something that will end up causing business damage. Not all features may necessarily be fully suitable for every Google listing. For instance, messaging might be prohibited in a particular industry, and a business owner may not be interested in ad spending. The best practice overall would be to have the profile filled as much as possible with the right kind of relevance, to be successfully visible on ‘Search’. 

On the whole, this Profile Score is helpful directionally and has been laid out to motivate business owners to put a conscious focus on their digital existence and Google Business Listings. It is capable of offering useful digital influence but is not something that has a mandatory or direct connection with business outcomes.

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