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Digital Capabilities In Healthcare: Reaching Patients Where It Matters

In today’s fast-paced digital world, technology has smoothened the connection between healthcare services and consumers. The decision-making process in healthcare has evolved, and healthcare seekers evaluate different parameters when they are digitally looking for medical assistance close to them.

Given the nature of healthcare, there are 3 broad categories under which most local technology-powered assessment today takes place. They are Proximity, Relevance, and Reputation.

As ‘near-me’ searches soar, optimizing these 3 attributes and establishing stronger credibility with consumers become critical for healthcare brands. And with a staggering 46% of all digital searches being local in nature, it’s evident that ranking high in local searches has become a top priority. Neglecting local digital capabilities such as Business Listings and Location Pages could mean missing out on a significant portion of potential patients who might choose competing practices that actively invest in digital technologies to attract healthcare seekers.

Hence, leveraging digital technologies that power Proximity, Relevance, and Reputation, particularly in healthcare, has gained momentum. Let’s take a closer look at these attributes.


The closer a location is, the better it is for patients and consumers needing medical attention. With healthcare seekers mostly searching on search engines, it becomes important for healthcare units to ensure high search rankings with adequately optimized digital business listings. Keeping information such as name, contact details, address, and landmarks contributes positively in this direction. Particularly in case of emergencies, the right set of information in business listings allows consumers to make informed decisions and connect with healthcare units. And in case of urgent medical situations being able to gauge the right proximity is a non-negotiable.


It is highly critical to clearly present any and every nuance of the healthcare services being offered at a particular unit. Digital listings provide the capability to present useful information about what a healthcare facility offers, helping local patients decide which local unit is relevant for the kind of assistance they need. Automated chats activated on these digital listings can be effective in giving quick answers to queries that patients may have. Taking it one step further, location pages can further detail out the services being delivered at a particular location encouraging patients to make calls, allow booking appointments, engage locally, and establish the correct understanding of what is available and what is not. When it comes to health, each of these pieces of information is highly critical, enabling patients and their caretakers to find the right local answers to the medical challenges they are facing.


And finally, when health is the concern, every seeker looks for quality services. Credibility and assurance are of extreme importance. With digital capabilities such as Reviews and Ratings, today it has become easier to form a perception. As business listings displaying reviews and feedback allow consumers to engage and find out what other consumers are saying, it aids the decision-making process of the healthcare seeker, bringing greater clarity about the local unit. On location pages as well, the digital capability of gathering feedback and reviews, goes a long way in helping consumers find the required reliability, when it comes to services from a particular healthcare unit.



Times have changed. And they are continuing to change. Healthcare, which is a segment that requires close attention, is increasingly utilizing technology to embrace assistance seekers and make it easier for them to evaluate local healthcare units for greater promise and better treatment. With lifestyles changing and several dynamic developments taking place, it will be interesting to see how healthcare brands Capitalize on advanced technology, and offer the best of services to patients, making their entire experience, highly positive and reassuring.

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