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How Sustained Growth Landed A ‘Hyperlocal’ Player On Deloitte’s Winning Line-up

‘Hyperlocal’ – Just the term itself could be unknown to many. But what if one of the Big 4’s of the world finds it exciting and starts talking about it?

Guess what? That’s exactly what has happened. And are thrilled about it!

Showcasing our growth and Hyperlocal Marketing capabilities, we have been announced as a winner at Deloitte’s 2022 Technology Fast 50

This is all about our growth over the last 3 years, product innovation, digital focus, and the deep desire to enable consumer’s find a seamless journey to brands, and for brands to offer appreciable customer experiences. Technology being the backbone of pretty much everything these days, it is our cutting-edge technological capabilities that have enabled several brands to find enriching consumer associations and massive business growth.

With our offerings that have demonstrated our expertise and the trust consumers have placed in us, we have made it to the prestigious 17-year heritage of Deloitte Technology Fast 50

That said, let’s tell you a little more about how we help our consumers.

Formal business listings can help the visibility of your brand’s physical locations. Search is the strongest indicator of customer intent, so it’s important for your business locations to get discovered by these potential customers.

However, in order to ensure that your business listing is performing at an optimum level, it is imperative for you to ensure that the information on your listings page including Name, Address, Map Marker, Phone Number, Website, Business Hours and so on, is verified, detailed and as accurate as possible.

And this is where our expertise can come in handy.

All about Hyperlocal Marketing

With the digital ecosystem having grown in leaps and bounds, consumers are increasingly looking to meet various needs through digital channels. And it is through the storefronts of different brands that consumers access products and services. Consequently, for brands, it is important to simplify the way consumers can reach them and make purchases from them.

We at SingleInterface help accomplish just that. Our marketing-to-commerce capabilities have helped countless brands over the years, to strengthen their digital presence, deepen consumer engagement, and eventually grow business.

With changing consumer behaviour and rising usage of digital platforms, consumers today begin their purchase journey majorly through a search on a search-engine and find products or services easily accessible to them. Supporting this observation, a Google report says that Open Now Near Me” searches globally have grown by over 400%. In simple terms, consumers look up the products or services online, check for information about their availability at stores, and once all served information appears convincing, they complete their purchases.

Keeping in mind this purchase pattern, our framework of Presence-Engagement-Transactions, helps brands and their physical stores improve discoverability on search platforms such as Google, enhances consumer engagement through Automated Chats and AI-powered capabilities, and fuels business growth at stores.

As consumers have evolved, their interaction styles with brands have changed. So while it is crucial for brands to look at physical channels, it is critically important to keep in mind the digital touchpoints at every step. To offer the best possible experience, brands are increasingly leveraging omnichannel approaches. So while consumers, after finding their desired products can choose to go to the store and make purchases, they may also be wanting to make purchases from that same store online. Granular capabilities such as location-based eCommerce pages help consumers access local offers and know more about local stores. It is through such granular features, that brands can successfully run local-level campaigns and tap local markets across geographies.

With brands finding local marketing and omnichannel approaches significantly beneficial, we at SingleInterface enable brands to leverage our cutting-edge Hyperlocal capabilities, deliver delightful consumer experience and eventually achieve growth.

To know more about our Hyperlocal capabilities, you can reach us through this link.

Data source : Thinkwithgoogle

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