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Location Pages – A Unique Way of Powering Growth at Your Storefront

In the commonest of conversations, when a friend or an acquaintance asks you to meet at an unfamiliar place, you will invariably ask for the location. And the more specific the location, the better your chances of reaching it smoothly. And the more specific the location, the better your chances of exploring it for fun things like good restaurants, shopping, gaming hubs, and more.

Just like the above example, location pages too, help your business become a lot more productive in a local set-up. These strengthen your business’s strategic identity in local markets, eventually improving consumer experience and business growth. Wondering how? Let’s take a look:

What are location pages?

Every business having a storefront has an address. And it appears on searches if accurately published using Google Business Listings. Similarly, a location page is a page dedicated to a specific storefront. It can not only offer information such as an address, contact details and timings, but can also lay out the schemes, offers, and other consumer benefits available specifically at a particular outlet. And further, it can also operate as an eCommerce platform through which, consumers can seamlessly make online purchases without getting diverted. It’s quite like a one-stop-shop allowing storefronts to offer consumers a holistic experience and consequently tapping a massive revenue pool.

Location pages - All about consumer convenience, competitive edge, revenue enablement, and improved visibility of operations

The Present-Day Consumer

The modern-day consumer is tech-savvy. The more you can technologically simplify their journey, the happier they are. Optimized and mobile-ready pages for each of your business locations. These pages can enable interactions between consumers and your business locations, giving consumers this feeling that the brand is right there for them. A feeling of trust, a feeling of assurance. This is a pivotal aspect of business growth.

The Competitive Edge

Competition these days has reached a whole new level. And with ‘digital’ taking control of most consumer decisions, it is all the more critical to efficiently leverage all digital avenues that can keep brands constantly connected to their audience and avoid any possibility of market share and opportunity loss. Coz otherwise, if consumers experience an iota of disappointment in their journey, in a matter of seconds they can switch brands with the kind of options they have today.

The revenue needle

Business at the end of the day is all about money. And every brand wants to achieve growth when it comes to revenue figures. And because these figures are greatly determined by the consumer’s journey, offering the best possible experience becomes critical. The location pages are one piece of this puzzle. These enable the generation of greater revenue opportunities, strengthening the top-line. In most cases, brands and businesses have stiff numbers to meet. It is precisely through avenues such as optimally monetizing every storefront and creating incremental opportunities, that brands can stay on top of their revenue goals. Location pages for storefronts serve as contextual digital touch-points helping consumers accurately find easily accessible solutions, leading to consumer engagement, that can potentially result in conversions.

Visibility and tracking of operations

Given how the digital ecosystem has grown, having visibility into various aspects of operations has become easier, with the usage of digital technologies. Consequently, using effective analytics, brands can measure the performance of their storefronts and analyze the consumer’s digital journey that is leading them to the location pages and eventual outcomes of their journey. Location pages can help with analyzing the consumer’s intent and interest. And such granular analysis can enable brands to strengthen their digital strategies and maintain transparency.

Location pages for the road ahead

The direction in which the world is moving is all about customized and personalized experiences. Businesses, particularly in the digital ecosystem, will find far greater chances of deepening consumer-connect and improving growth. With this becoming the norm, location pages that give business units a unique and independent identity will gain greater importance. As it stands, brands are already focusing on such location-level engagement and eCommerce capabilities as competition continues to rise. The more a brand is able to leverage local-level tactics such as eCommerce pages, the more it will be able to contribute to its global impact. Optimized, mobile-ready, location pages that brands are increasingly building, are a highly effective way to build a smooth transition between online discovery and offline interactions, enabling physical storefronts to compete with eCommerce giants and grow business in local markets.

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