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Managing Reputation with Reviews and Ratings

When people feel hungry today, one of the first things they do is look for nearby restaurants on a search engine. Along with looking at information such as the menu, business hours, and distance, they invariably look at the reviews and ratings given to restaurants. In fact, when it comes to other kinds of purchases today, consumers make it a point to check out reviews of the place they are purchasing from. As consumers see what others are honestly saying about similar purchases from various businesses, they are in a better position to make informed purchase decisions. In a digitally connected world, this is one of the most vital ways, of enabling consumers to build associations with brands and businesses. And for brands, this is a top priority, to ensure a positive reputation.

Business over the years has changed. With increasing competition, options for consumers, and new trends emerging all the time, brands make continuous efforts to ensure they are leaving positive impressions on consumers. And with easier access to devices and digital platforms, it takes a few seconds for brands to become a subject of discussion for the wrong reasons. At all costs, they want to avoid such instances. A robust review management system allows brands to build a positive image in the minds of consumers, contributes to overall credibility, and assist with improving eventual business growth.

What A Constructive Review Management System Looks Like

An effective review management system not only helps from the brand standpoint but also with better discoverability on search, to take a step back. The more a brand has been able to achieve qualitatively and quantitatively in their reviews and ratings space, the more they are pulled up by search engines. When brands appear higher on search results, it increases the chances of consumers exploring further to know what the world is saying about them. Reviews and ratings are an important form of conversation brands and consumers have in today’s business context. As a result, brands strategically focus on several ways to build a solid review management setup. Some of the main approaches include:

  1. Motivating customers to leave reviews
  2. Encouraging customers to share ratings using stars
  3. Responding to all customer inputs digitally, including ratings that may not necessarily have review associated
  4. Paying special attention to negative reviews, and responding with assurance and resolution to consumers as appropriate
  5. Connecting consumers with a negative experience to the correct service people to ensure effective problem-solving
  6. Using both positive and negative reviews to improve the product, services, or consumer associations
  7. Acknowledging positive reviews on digital platforms, on social media, and physically at the store
  8. Maintaining consistency in the brand’s tone of voice and the way it communicates with consumers
  9. Encouraging consumers to visit store-level eCommerce pages and improving their experience
  10. Being present on various external review platforms, in addition to reviews and ratings avenues available on formal business profiles, on search engines

The Strengthening Business Focus on Reviews and Ratings

Considering the modern-day digital atmosphere, it has become much easier for brands to talk to brands and vice versa. While traditional large-scale approaches such as Television and PR activities remain, for brands to establish a positive image and communicate with consumers, the last mile digital routes are cost-effective and far more seamless when it comes to building relationships with consumers. This is where digital reviews and ratings become critical and beneficial. The more the reviews and visible proof from people on how brands have performed, the greater the likelihood of repeat purchases and new consumer acquisition. However, with this kind of ease, the risks are higher as well. Consequently, brands take extra care to ensure that they are holistically and effectively managing every kind of consumer perception in the form of reviews and ratings visible on digital platforms and directing their presence and activities towards an appreciable reputation.

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