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Targeted digital categorization – The difference it can make for brands

Brands today, are making full use of digital technologies, to reach and influence consumers in impactful ways. And with capabilities such as formal business profiles on search engines, brands are also able to give an identity to their local and physical business units, strengthening the consumer-connect. Increasingly, brands and the tech world are looking at opportunities using which consumers can be offered delightful experiences and positive transformation can be effected at multiple levels.

One such opportunity arose with the rising demand for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and a growing automobile dealership focus. Given the multi-location automobile brands’ scope and requirements, it became clear that refined and more targeted categorizations would bring massive value to these brands. To realize this thought of making a positive difference to end consumers, the successul formation of new digital categories around electric vehicles and brand-oriented dealerships took place. And it gives us great joy to share that we got a chance to be a part of this significant development.

What triggered this?

Consumers today, need to be served what they want, at their convenience. And fleshing out what they want, requires specific approaches. If a brand fails to identify this, there’s enough competition and options out there, for consumers to choose from. As an extension of this, one of the leading automobile brands we proudly support, felt the need to highlight its dealerships and as a brand, come closer to consumers.

Further, as environment-friendly approaches have been on a constant increase, consumers today are progressively searching for Electric Vehicles (EVs). However, while several automobile brands are manufacturing what consumers currently desire, they are finding a gap in conveying this to the consumers. In certain cases, brands are producing EVs with different nomenclature of which consumers are not aware. As a result, the gap between what consumers want and the brands’ offerings, appears to be widening.

The answer to this question

As a partner of choice to some of the leading automobile brands, we proposed the creation of certain specific new categories, for this leading automobile player. This would improve the required mapping, and eventually give consumers what they want. Brand-specific dealership categories would enable better consumer-alignment and throw more accurate results allowing better physical accessibility when consumers search for dealers of particular brands. This would solidify the brands’ relationship with consumers and help to build greater credibility and recall. 

Further, establishing and rolling out a formal category of Electric Vehicles would enable various brands’ EVs to become more easily discoverable to consumers who are specifically searching for EVs. EVs have proven to be a growing segment. And looking at concerns around pollution and health hazards, EV usage is being significantly encouraged. Consequently, a targeted step such as a dedicated digital category would improve the consumer’s experience and strengthen their association with brands including this renowned player, in context. And with consumers displaying an increasing intent to purchase EVs these days, it would contribute to greater sustainability and a healthier environment.

Having looked at aspects these new classifications will positively address, we worked with the team at Google to build and successfully launch these important categories. This upgrade will allow further grouping of information for consumer ease and help them find precisely what they want.

The road ahead - Opportunities & Collaboration

Technology is expanding at a rapid pace and its involvement in peoples’ lives is becoming stronger. Potentially, this would lead to diverse opportunities for businesses. Brands, as they look to serve consumers better, have already expressed the need to use digital capabilities in granular ways, to deliver appreciable experiences. And, in the attempt to make this a consistent reality, brands are aiming to leverage the right kinds of expertise and industry associations, and establish a deeper understanding of modern-day consumer needs. With today’s digital-first approach and anticipated opportunities, it is imperative for brands to plan effective online strategies for impactful outcomes. And the more brands can follow collaborative approaches and join hands with the right enablers, the more seamlessly they will reach consumers and achieve a positive transformation.

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