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Multi-Location Management on Google My Business (GMB)

With 82% of consumers actively seeking online reviews for local businesses and a staggering 87% of consumers relying on Google to make informed decisions about businesses in 2022, the significance of Google My Business (GMB) in shaping consumer choices is undeniable. 

Today GMB, now known as Google Business Profile (GBP) is an indispensable tool for brands to build local business listings, and strategically elevate their digital footprint across platforms like Google Search and Maps. In addition, a striking 86% of consumers utilize Google Maps to locate businesses in close proximity effortlessly.

As brands and local businesses accurately and effectively leverage business listings, their business locations find increased visibility and credibility. This is something that multi-location businesses are increasingly striving for. As we delve deeper into multi-location management on GMB, the significance of harnessing its capabilities becomes abundantly clear.

Let’s understand the strategies, best practices, and some real-world examples that highlight the potential for businesses to optimize GMB’s powers. 

The Importance of Multi-Location Management on GMB

Here are some reasons multi-location management on GMB is becoming increasingly imperative: 

  • GMB as a Marketing Tool: Google My Business allows business locations to offer greater flexibility in displaying information and introducing a centralized Review Management feature.  It drives consumer engagement through local search results and Google Maps.  Today, it is critical to optimize a business’s online presence with multiple locations, offering tools for engagement and insights.
  • Enhanced Visibility: GMB profiles boost online visibility in local search results based on proximity, prominence, and relevance.


  • Best Practices Showcasing Information for Improved Search
  • Information: To provide detailed data for each business location.
  • Google Posts: To use regularly and improve local search rankings.
  • Access: To efficiently manage multi-location access.
  • Scheduling Tools: To leverage tools external tools for post-scheduling.
  • Photos: To upload high-quality, properly formatted images.
  • Reviews: To actively respond to consumer feedback.
  • Insights: To analyse GMB insights for performance metrics.

Setting Up Multi-Location Business Listing

Setting up multi-location business listings, especially on platforms such as Google My Business, is crucial for businesses aiming to expand their reach and online visibility. Here’s a guide – 

Google My Business Optimisation for Multi-Location Enterprises 

  • GMB is a significant component of optimized search strategies. By listing on Google, businesses can tap into the nearly 4 billion internet users who use the world’s most dominant search engine.
  • For businesses with multiple locations, GMB is invaluable. It increases the chances of being featured in local search results and allows efficient local listing management.

Steps to Add Locations with Multiple Locations on GMB:

The option to leverage Google My Business or GMB profiles, is being increasingly used by local businesses today. As a cost-effective yet ROI generating tool, GMB has become a go-to, for countless brands and businesses. Here are the steps multi-location businesses follow, in order to build and solidify their digital personalities.

  • Signing in & Accessing Dashboard: Start by logging in.
  • Add Business: Click on the “Add business” tab.
  • Importing Businesses: For businesses with more than 10 locations, use the “Import businesses” option for bulk uploads.
  • Using the Template: Download the provided template, fill in the details for each location, and then upload the completed spreadsheet.
  • Completing the Verification: After uploading, complete the verification form that appears. Google might reach out for additional information to finalize the process. Getting multi-location business units verified is a task for major brands. With nuances and protocols involved at every stage, this process becomes tedious and time-consuming, With a competent partner such as SingleInterface to assist and smoothen it all out, brands can focus on their key target of reaching out to their audiences and business growth objectives. With the right partner of choice, the verification process becomes easier through –

The benefits of adding Business Listings for locations, on GMB

With a platform such as GMB enabling stores and local businesses to build their own digital identity and prominence, attracting consumers and contributing to brand identity has become easier. With the consumer last mile getting significantly strengthened, businesses today are benefitting massively through GMB. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Digital influence: As 62% of offline purchases today are digitally influenced, optimized GMB Listings enable business locations to be easily discoverable to a large pool of digital audiences.
  • The power of “Near Me” searches: With GMB presence, keyword searches for expressions involving “Near Me” searches have seen a significant surge (almost 500%). Local retailers can amplify their online presence using hyperlocal marketing tools to acquire more consumers.
  • Local content for better engagement: Posting local content that feels personal can attract and acquire more consumers. Engaging content can unlock opportunities for conversions and location-level revenue growth.
  • Leveraging smarter digital capabilities: Not only building digital visibility but also humanizing with the experience with automated chatbots location-level to provide instant information to shoppers, can add significant value to the entire experience
  • Reporting, Analytics, and Insights and Consumer Interaction: Every touchpoint of GMB interactions and engagement can be tracked, thanks to modern-day digital technologies. This further helps to understand consumer intent and behavioural patterns.

Efficient Multi-Local Management

Navigating the complexities of multi-location management on Google My Business is no small feat, but its rewards are undeniable. As businesses expand their horizons, the need for a streamlined, efficient, and consistent online presence becomes paramount. 

With SingleInterface, businesses can harness the power of hyperlocal marketing, ensuring they can connect with the brand seamlessly, no matter where a consumer is. Embracing such tools is not just about staying current; it’s about future-proofing one’s business in an increasingly digital world.

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