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Engagement That Powers Customer Experience In The Digital Age

In today’s digital era, consumer engagement is crucial for brands to stay competitive and retain a loyal consumer base. With the rise of online platforms and increased accessibility to information, consumers now have more options at their fingertips. As a result, poor consumer service can easily disappoint consumers, resulting in significant losses for brands and businesses. 

Studies show that a staggering 89% of consumers have switched to a different brand due to a bad consumer service experience. As we know, the saying ‘consumer is King’, tells brands of the importance of focusing on the needs and wants of consumers. And with today’s consumers increasingly displaying digital behaviour and going beyond just the purchase aspect, brands and business have the uphill task of keeping consumers comfortable and covered in every possible way.

Today, it is not just the product, but also the experience of buying the product, that has started to gain attention. And the interactions and guidance offered by brands and businesses at every touchpoint along the way, is something that consumers notice, making the overall experience that much more critical. 

Thanks to digital technologies, brands and business can provide necessary engagement and support, improve the holistic experience, and make the consumer feel that someone is walking the purchase journey alongside them.

With wide-ranging virtual tools and resources available to enhance their engagement strategies, it has become easier for brands to always stay connected with consumers and strengthen brand recall. 

Let’s look at some of the modern-day digital engagement channels.

Online Reviews

One of the most prominent ways of engaging with and evaluating businesses today is online reviews. Online reviews strongly influence consumer behaviour and a business’s reputation. Brands today are well aware of the importance of reviews and make efforts consciously to generate reviews in large quantities, and manage them smartly. According to research, 94% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.  And 50% of consumers end up switching to a competitor after just one bad support experience. As technology sharpens, capabilities such as Autoresponders help brands to better respond to initial level reviews on platforms such as Business Listings and save time and effort. This allows representatives to more closely focus on reviews that need greater attention and have higher chances of causing a negative impact on brands and businesses. Such steps shape a build a positive perception among consumers contributing to consumer satisfaction, which ultimately helps retain existing consumers and attract new ones.

Automated Chats

Another modern-day capability that has augmented consumer engagement is real-time chat support. With the increasing need for instant solutions and personalized interactions, automated chats have become a preferred method of communication for several consumers. It allows brands to provide live assistance and engage in customized conversations with consumers at any time of the day. This 24/7 availability assures them to feel that the brand is always with them, and cares for them, resulting in higher consumer satisfaction and reduced churn. 

By incorporating AI-powered chats into engagement strategies, brands can not only assist consumers but also retain and acquire new ones. Research indicates that brands offering the live chat experience a conversion rate increase of up to 20%. The convenience and instant nature of chat support help brands create positive consumer experiences and build long-lasting relationships.

To sum it all up, engagement management plays a pivotal role in the experience that consumers find today, eventually making an impact on the success and growth of brands in the digital age. As digital capabilities pick up steam and new technological developments unfold at a rapid pace, brands and businesses are increasingly identifying ways and means to deliver the best possible assistance to consumers. In the times to come, it will be interesting to see how brands leverage this ever-expanding digital horizon, embrace consumers, strengthen relationships, gain and maintain a competitive edge and achieve business objectives, with a steadfast focus on 



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